Friday, February 11, 2011

Watching True Blood, but the books were better.

Um... that just about sums it up, actually.

Well, not quite.

I am a fan of Anna Paquin - well, her works anyway, don't really know her - and so I am getting a kick out of watching here here.

I like the guy they got for Sam too. I always liked him in the books anyway.

I am only a couple of episodes in to the show, but Bill seems rather emo, unlike the books where he was just a little brooding and self-noble.

Lafayette seems spot on and I would have liked for him to have had a bigger part in the books because he is such a fun character.

So, I do not know if the show will start moving along faster once we have gotten to know everyone, but as for right now, it is _really_ dragging.

The pace is not this only think I am having a little trouble with in the show - the sex is a little much - Jason in particular. I mean, in the books he was a serious "horndog" but it was not graphically portrayed, just talked about as a matter of fact. This too, I am hoping will change as the series progresses once, we, the audience, get the point (driven into our eyes (what was seen cannot be unseen - get the brain bleach)) that he is a horndog. I mean, it is less of a deal in the books too, but mainly relevant in the first because of the whole plot thing.

Okay. I suppose that is NOW about it - at least until I watch some more.

Take Care!


  1. All I know about True Blood is that Anna Paquin appears topless. As that is the only draw it would have for me, I haven't looked into it at all. <_< But yea, when they adapt things for TV, perception tends to get more than a little skewered.

  2. Well, yeah, she really is the only reason I am watching... There are other good actors it in, but I do not know if I will keep watching.

    Thanks for commenting! =^_^=