Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Fifteen Desserts I like to Make

Here are the Top Fifteen desserts I like to make, even if I cannot (or should not) eat them.

01) Cake.
     Just plain and simple cake.  Yellow cake with buttercream frosting.  But made from scratch.  It is so simple, that any flaws are like big neon signs.  I like trying to get everything just right.

02) Cheesecake.
     It is not really cheese, not really cake.  Not my favourite to eat, but people seem to get all excited to hear that I did not make it from a kit.

03) Fudge.
     It is like, "Oh, we need to bring some sweet snack? Here, let me make some fudge."  I have not been able to eat it for so long that I kinda lost my taste for it, but I think that people overestimate the effort.

04) Bread pudding.
     Especially when I get to make the bread myself too.  It is not pretty, (hello, it is a pudding.  There is no such thing as a pretty pudding) but it is so good.  Sometimes, Dad even lets me use the "good scotch."

05) Guinness Punch.
     (Aka: Jamaican Punch) Even though it is not really a typical dessert, I am adding it on this list.  I don't drink it (wink), but it smells so good.  Nectar of the g__s.

06) Snickerdoodles.
     Yeah, it took me a /long/ time before I realised that the cookies I loved so much have nothing to do with the candy of similar name.  And that is a good thing (that they are nothing alike) because I cannot eat chocolate and I do not like nut in things... and nuts, for the most part, hurt to eat and upset my tummy.

07) Tres Leches cake.
    I cannot stand to eat it, mind you, because of the way it feels in my mouth, but if people are not begging me to make bread pudding, they are asking for tres leches cake.  I have no idea how it is supposed to taste, but people seem to like it.

08) Spanish Style Sweet Bread - Pan Dulce
     This is one of the ones that barely made it on the list, but because I am not so fond of making it, but I love to eat it.  So, it almost violates that rule for the list.  Dad likes them too and more often than not, he helps.  Also, these are more often breakfast than dessert.  (Oh MERCY, I miss coffee.)

09) Modified Bear Paw Cookies.
     Modified, because they are supposed to have chocolate.  I like them too much, so I make them without chocolate.  People are like "Those are not Bear Paws!" because they have no chocolate.  I call them MBP cookies.

10) No, I do not make baked Alaska.  That is just... no.

11) Spice Cake.
     Sure, making cake is making cake, but it is my favourite to eat too, so it makes the list.

12) Citrus Cake.
     Not sure what else to call it.  It is a lemon cake with orange flavoured frosting.  I suppose the thing I like most about cooking is the smells.  The whole house smells wonderful when something good is cooking - or especially baking.

13) Trifle
     Talk about a labour of love.  I always thought it an ironic name, because it is most certainly no trifle to make.  But, when I am making a day of being in the kitchen, it is good fun.  I like the English style the best, but there are so many varieties and recipes that I am surely no authority.

14) "Mini" Fruit Pies
     The pies are mini, not the fruit, eh?  I make like a croissant bread, or a sweet biscuit and kinda flatten it out.  Put a dollop of fruit preserves, jams or jellies in the centre, then fold them over and bake.  Presto!  It took a few tries to get the technique right.

15) Mini Strawberry Shortcakes.
     I call these "mini" because they are just a few bites.  I use small shortbread cookies, a scoop of ice cream the size of a Swedish meatball, little bit of whip cream, and a halved strawberry.  When I make them for "people," I plan on about half or more of the people having two (or more).  But when I have the stuff, it is so quick an easy to just throw together for Dad and I.

Now, be it known, I am never going to win any prises with these.  And they are seldom very pretty, even when I try.  Well, at least not photo worthy. And, again, some of these, the thing I like about making them is spending time in the kitchen with all the good aromas, and when there is a lot of family over, it is good to escape to the kitchen.

Also, it should be known that most of these - or well, some of these - are more often than not a group project.  It is a good way for Dad and I to pass some of these long winter nights.

If you read all that and are not craving some kind of sweet, then blame it on my lack of gud writing sklzxor.

As always, comments welcome even if I do not reply (blogger hates me).
Take Care

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Forgotten Blog

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.

Today (oh, wait, it is tomorrow now, so, make that yesterday) there were was this point in the day where I was not near my computer or anything, but I had this really great thought and I really wanted to blog about it.  It was not convenient for me to go write it down or anything like that but the idea was so clear and strong, that I figured it would plague me until I did get it entered in here.

Now, I have no idea what it was even about.


It may have been the answer to unlock the greatest mysteries of the universe, but I highly doubt that.

It may simply not have even been worth remembering, let alone blogging about, but I doubt that too.

Maybe it was about last night's dream.  (_weird_ dream about the hospital and John Clease. <--- sorry I am not taking the time to look up how to spell his name, but you know who I mean.)

This is problably going to bug me for a while.

-- for
-- a
-- really...

I need sleep...
Or a bath.

Take Care,

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Post

I really really really want to put up a new post, but I think I have misplaced my creativity stick.

I will come up with something...

Maybe my top fifteen deserts.


Friday, April 16, 2010

RIP Peter Steele

Birth name Petrus T. Ratajczyk
Also known as Peter Steele; Pete Steele; Lord Petrus Steele
Born January 4, 1962(1962-01-04), Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Died April 14, 2010 (aged 48)

Not too sure what to say, but I ran across the news this morning and I was like... Whoa.

Heart Attack at 48.

Maybe shock is keeping me from being able to express exactly what I feel?  I was never like a "ZOMG I am SUCH a Type O Negative Fan!!!!" but they were always there.  I put them on (really loud at times) when there was just nothing else that would fix it.  I mean, sure... there are a few artists that I put on (really loud at times) when there was just nothing else that would fix it, but they seemed to fix different things.  And there were somethings that I really needed Peter's voice for.  I am listening to Bloody Kisses now and...

I really hope I can get over this, and, in time, get what I used to out of their music, but now - Right this moment, I feel like I will never be able to listen to them the same again... and it will never be able to fix what it used to.

But, I guess that is _really_ selfish of me.
Oh, wait... this is _my_ blog.

So, that is the news... and I have not figured out how I feel yet.


Lady Quindecim.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not something I normally do

Okay, I do not normally go on talking about this site or that site that I think is cool because ... well, because I do not normally want to be thought of as a person with a web page that just promotes other web pages.  I mean, really.

But Wolfram Alpha is so flippen cool.  It is not a search engine, it is a knowledge engine. (Yeah, it says that on the page, but I can't think of a better way to put it.)  There is so much cool stuff you can do with the site.

Mathematics and unit conversion are what I use it for the most, but it just KNOWS SO MUCH!  (It is much awesomeness.)

Check it out.  Play with it.  Challenge it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am so easily amused!

This morning, I saw a tweet and there was indication that it came from the API (as opposed to mobile, web, whatever) and that got me thinking about the way I tweet my "now playing" and whatnot.  Pidgin is cool  It has that twitter plugin - and it has a plug in for sending the output of a shell command.  So what I had been doing was running the shell script to pull the "now playing" info from my player and letting pidgin send that out to twitter.  But, I want to be able to send a tweet without having pidgin running.

So, I looked around on the twitter web page and spotted what I was looking for on the bottom: the API info.

There, I found that, as it is an http api, I could use cURL.

So... I made a new copy of "tweetlasttrack.php" (as tweetlasttrack_curl.php) and re-vamped it.  Instead of outputting the search to the standard output, letting pidgin pick that up, it get posted as a tweet through the API.

Yes, I am so, very easily entertained.

Take Care-

Monday, April 12, 2010

Upgrading Linux Mint Methods.

There is an interesting conversation about how to upgrade your Linux Mint here

I admit with mild reluctance that I did not read _all_ of them (some of them were like "What...?" and others were just like, "Hooray, welcome to Mint") but I found it interesting how many people use what method for upgrading.

I am really looking forward to #9! (Isadora, I believe)

Take Care-

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just like any other, so is twitter

For the most part, they are easy enough to spot and block, but are they really worth the effort?
Here is what I am talking about:
I signed up with twitter for the following, not the tweeting, per se.  I mean, there were a few people that, when I found they were using it, I was like, sure!  This could be cool.  So I joined.  Then, I was like, I can do this too.  Not, that I like, have anything worth tweeting about, but that is kinda it.  Just speaking you mind, and not caring much who hears. Well, I do not exactly speak my mind, but the point is, I do not really care who reads my tweets.  I care more about _what_ I put out there, but mostly, it is just whatever I am listening to, or stuff spat out by /usr/games/fortune
And an occasional 8 ball query result.

So, when I see that someone out there has decided to follow me, I am like, "Really? Why?" and just go on.
But, when they have like, hundreds of followers, following thousands, and ZERO tweets... I look a little closer.  Sure enough, drug and porn adds.  And an occasional financial rip-off.

I mean, really, does anyone out there, look through tweets for "I just found this terrific new opportunity! Check it out! (link)" and follow the link?

Do the people setting up these accounts get paid by the follower? They are just generating hit on and links to their add sites to bloat their counter numbers.

I am not surprised that these twitter ids are out there.
I am not overly perturbed by their presence, or by them "following" me.  I know that I only got hit because one of my tweets happened to go by at the right (or wrong, as it were) time.  They are not actually following me.  They are not even watching what I am tweeting... unless they are programm-atically scanning the content of my tweets so that they can try and provide targeting marketing... but I do not want to think about that.  That is a panic attack in the making.

But I am surprised if twitter really is such a worthwhile avenue for this shady-market malarkey.  The magic 8 ball said it is, so it must be.

And what is the proper spelling of malarkey?