Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am so easily amused!

This morning, I saw a tweet and there was indication that it came from the API (as opposed to mobile, web, whatever) and that got me thinking about the way I tweet my "now playing" and whatnot.  Pidgin is cool  It has that twitter plugin - and it has a plug in for sending the output of a shell command.  So what I had been doing was running the shell script to pull the "now playing" info from my player and letting pidgin send that out to twitter.  But, I want to be able to send a tweet without having pidgin running.

So, I looked around on the twitter web page and spotted what I was looking for on the bottom: the API info.

There, I found that, as it is an http api, I could use cURL.

So... I made a new copy of "tweetlasttrack.php" (as tweetlasttrack_curl.php) and re-vamped it.  Instead of outputting the search to the standard output, letting pidgin pick that up, it get posted as a tweet through the API.

Yes, I am so, very easily entertained.

Take Care-

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