Friday, May 11, 2012

I kind of like the number twenty-three

p23: Yes, this goes right there along with number twenty-two, picking up right where they were.  I confess, they were one ‘page’ until I looked at the word count and went ‘oops.’  In other words, I must admit, this one does not stand on its own as well as most others.  That is fine, though, as at this point, if you have not been following along and are looking at #23 first, I make no apologies.
    So, the mystery deepens.  This is called A Fox Tale, after all.

If this is the first one you are reading, by all means please stop and read the first one first, then proceed in order, if you would be so kind.

And if you like it/them, let me know.  If you do not, I would still like to know.  If you are completely indifferent and do not feel it is worth your time to comment, that's okay, you can let me know that as well.

Part One:  → Fox at First Sight

Part Twenty Two: → The Wounded Fox
Part Twenty Three: → The True Fox
Part Twenty Four: Holding On To Fox → Coming Soon ←

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