Friday, May 7, 2010

A Friday instalment

I do not know if I am going to start, like, keeping a "Friday Blog" or anything like that to sum up my week or whatever, but I thought I ought to get some things out of my head.

-I have been giving some thought to a couple of possible Top Fifteen lists to work on. 
-Someone asked me if I have read any good books lately.  No.  Some okay books? yeah.
-If you want to look at some of the stuff I have read, check out my Shelfari (down there on the right).  There is another "lets talk about what we are reading" site that looks good, but I have already kinda set myself up here and have no real reason to leave.  One of the things about the site is you can ask other people if they should read this book or that.  So, someone had asked if they should read this one book.  I liked the book.  It had more ... graphic ... descriptions of sex than I had read from that particular author, but I took it all in stride.  I had read worse.  (I mean better... I mean - nevermind.) So I am looking through this person's bookshelf.

    1 - I was not really "old enough" for that level of detail myself when I read it. (I am still not, if you ask me, but that is not stopping me. hehehe)
    2 - It was unexpected based on other things I had read from the author
    3 - This person has not, from what I can tell, read anything with this kind of explicit description
    4 - This person has read some of the other books by this author that I had read, thus causing the surprise

Now, I had read some adult books by some adult authors.  Moreover, I have read adult romance books by adult romance writers.  But this is kind of like... author crossover.  It is not a "romance novel" but it is about more of the "grown-up" coming of age subjects and the choices made by young adults with no vagueness about some of the decisions made.

Now, looking at some other books. Lets just say a random fiction book.  Not from the YA section, not from the NC-17 section - just a book.  
    1 - Two adults, unmarried, unattached, there is a good chance that they will have sex.
    2 - This may be implied or explicit.
    3 - This may or may not be integral to the plot.

I asked Dad once, in one of those times where I took advantage of the open-door "if you ever have questions, pleas come to me" standard, ... Let me start that over for clarity.  I asked Dad, "If grown-ups just have sex when there is nothin better to do, what is the big fuss over the proverbial wearing white for the wedding?"  After he recovered from shock, he said that it does not always happen like that. Of course, then he wanted to know what I had been reading, so I told him.  He was like, "Oh, yeah... umm..." because he had just taken it all in stride when he had read them.

So, how do I say, "Hey, yeah, the book was funny and fun and well written, but fast forward through pages 120,122 and 286?"  I have no idea if this person it ten, twenty, or.... idk.  Do I assume that I am none the worse for it and say "Go for it!" Or do I say, "Wait until you are older, for mercy's sake!"  Or do I go into, "Well now, I am not sure about your reading experience, but..."  I really do not want to even bring it up because, like, for me, that was not what the book was about and I do not want to give the impression that the book is cover to cover trash talk.  It wasn't.  It was good. (Not that these are mutually exclusive.) Yeah, if you made a film of the book, there would have to be creative camera angles to keep it only "r" rated.  maybe pg-13 or whatever with edits.  But what if this person is just ...

IF, there were some other books in her lib that had scenes like this, I would say "yeah" and not even think about bring up the "special" parts.

I suppose the root of this is that I kinda mentally blow by things in books, that kinda freak me out when I have to think about them.

Take Care,

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