Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday is late...

Those of you who have been playing along may know that I go pretty much everywhere with my laptop, in my backpack, which doubles as a purse.  My life (outside of fencing) is in my backpack.

Tragedy of tragedies.

I took a spill on my bicycle yesterday.  I went bum over teakettle and my faithful, old, lovable laptop went the way of a pack of restaurant soda crackers.

I cried all the way to the ER for the loss of my dearest, truest friend electric.

My next installment of the J&J Series on DeviantArt is on googledocs, so I didn't loose that, but getting to the web is a pain from the file server.  I is a file server and not set up for graphics. (There are times and places where text-based browsers are awesome.  This is not one.)

I am still hoping I can recover the HDD, of for nothing other than easing the sense of loss.

I am working on getting something to fill the gap in my life.

Oh, and my helmet broke and my front wheel is borked.



  1. Yikes! I'm sorry for your loss. :( I know what it's like to have your machine take a tumble (And I've had my share of bike crashes as well). Yea, recover the HDD if you can, you would still be able to save the data from that at least. Helmets are generally one-time crash affairs anyways, and wheels are easily replaced. Just so long as your head is still in one piece.

  2. "Still" (in one piece) You give me undue credit.

  3. Fine. :p If nothing else, I hope each piece is accounted for.

  4. I have road rash in places that make it hard to sit, if that counts for anything.

  5. They make inflatable donuts for that, don't they? Still, I hope that heals up soon, and with little discomfort.

  6. Those are for like tailbones. I am raw from cheek to hip, so bending is the issue.

    It is just hard to get comfortable, you know?

    But I am done complaining. [yeah, right]

  7. Wow, how fast were you going? O_o Or were you wearing shorts? I took one particularly bad spill when I was about twelve, and ever since I only wear shorts when swimming. (Aside from, you know, boxers)

  8. I was moving along at a pretty good clip. I have no idea of, like, miles/hour, but for flat road, I was moving.

    *IF* I am remembering things correctly, I flipped over the handlebars, my helmet hit first, then I slid on my shoulder, then my backpack (or pack, than left shoulder... not sure), then bum, but on my left kinda. Somewhere in there, before I rolled onto my hip, I had put my hands down to catch myself, but all that did was skin my forearms from wrists to elbows.

    Over on the side of the road, the surface is not very well worn because everyone drives kinda in the middle. So, it is more like a tar'd gravel road than like most of the other asphalt streets around. My bike shorts didn't stand a chance. The only real, like, deep areas are my hip and arms. The rest is just abrasion. Don't worry, the tatt is fine. :wink: