Friday, June 18, 2010

(yet) Another Friday Instalment

Well, what can I say...
Where have been things that happened this past week, but they were weird and I am not going to blog about them -
 - Other, that is, than to say it has been a weird week.

I got to a point this morning after not being able to sleep, not feeling good, etc that I will not waste blogspace or keystrokes talking about, where I was like, "Oh boy! It's Friday! Time to blog again!"
That was followed quickly by the stark realization that I have no idea what to blog about.  Hmm... imagine that.

The trailer for "The Girl Who Played With Fire" was released.  Um... what is the word... Oh yeah.  "w00t"
Watch It Here
Okay... that was not the English/internat'l trailer that was just released, but apparently the only link back to it I am finding right now is on youtube, to which I am insanely allergic, so you have to read the Swedish. For some of you that will be fine, I know.

Also, there has been a lot of buzz around the literary circles for the series (Thank you @randomhouse) which is cool because it is much with the awesome.

Then, also, a friend of mine turned me on to an anime series Bamboo Blade.  It is cute and funny, but it has amusing character development.  It centres around the sport of kendo.  Being a fencer, I find this cool.  Reminds me of clubs I have known, but I will leave it there.

Let's see... what else.

Oh - I wrote a (bash) script to... automatically tweet whatever I have playing in xmms2.  But it is a little annoying... I think I like to be more selective about what I share - even if it may not seem like it.  :rollseyes:

Well, there you have it.

Have a good week.  Read a book.

Take Care

p.s.  Yes, I am missing most of last weekend.  Not sure I want it back, given the evidence.  Two more "episodes" this week that I am sure of.  :sadface:

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