Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hmm... That's funny

Okay, not funny, "Haha" but more like, funny, "peculiar." (Aside from the fact that I could not seem to remember how to spell 'peculiar.' I was so far off, spellcheck thought I meant percolator. But then, spellcheck thinks "spellcheck" is two words- the idiot. Kidding. Where whoudl I be whit owt mi speelchech.)

So, I was looking at my blogger stats this morning and it seems that this past week, about 1/3 of my audience is from Russian IP's, holding the #2 spot. Normally, #2 is "Elsewhere" (lovely island, but nuts if they think reading my blog is worthwhile.)

That tipped the scale and I decided to post a meta-blog, of sorts. I blog talking about (what else) my blog.

This started coming about towards the end of November when I saw that I was approaching a new peak hit count. This past June was, like, way above any other month. Mostly because that was the last time I had uploaded any new fiction to my DeviantArt collection. (And thinking about that bums me out because it reminds me how long it has been.) So, November was drawing to a close and I was like, goodness... I am only 10 hits away from my all time high. So I tweeted for people to go look at my blog. BAM! Way over my June peak.

So then, I was like, gee, thanks twitter, but how many people are going to come back, right? I mean, there seem to be a number of people that stop by on Monday mornings. I try to have some kind of post every Friday, so Mondays are kinda safe. Then there are some people that seem to stop by daily. That's cool. If I make a post, that alone seems to stir things up a bit. It I tweet a link, that really seems to make the biggest impact, and it does not even seem to matter WHAT is in the tweet, just that there is a link. (What is wrong with you people? You'll click /anything!/)

So I figure they are like, bots and stuff that just find and follow links.

I still think that there are only 3 people in the universe that /read/ this thing. I could probably make up government/corporate "leaks" and not even get in trouble for it... Keep my paypal and everything. Oh, wait.... I HAVE NO PAYPAL!

Hold on... (or do I...?)

So, there you have it... A blog /about/my blog.

Take Care-


  1. I read (been too busy lately to comment, though I have meant to, and will later on, most likely when I get to a coffee shop. <_<), but not from Russia, soviet or otherwise.

    Looking forward to your Deviant art updates! ;p

  2. Ah, you know you are my commenter de regular.

    And you sure you are not visiting me from the arms of some hot Russian tourist?

    I think my IP-apparent is geoip'ing somewhere in the Crimean.