Monday, December 6, 2010

This dream threw me

Hi, and welcome to another What the Dickens Was I Dreaming post.

It is not uncommon for me to dream about being in the hospital. It is not uncommon for me to dream about fencing.

These two things do not typically overlap.

So, here it goes...

I was dreaming I was in the hospital and I could not go fencing until I was out. Well that makes sense. But there was this... new wing/tower of the hospital that /I/ was responsible for. It was like, I was the "project manager" for it, because it was kinda for me. AIDS treatment and research in general, but I could not leave until it was done... and then, only for, like, short trips or whatever because I was going to be staying there. Sad, I know.
So, it was kinda weird and lonely wandering about in this place, all like 90% done. It /looked/ like it was /going/ to be real nice looking, but just, incomplete.

There was stuff in this one area that the construction people had for like their break-room sort of thing and I had food there too and stuff, but I was never hungry. I would just go and look at everything. Water, beer, juice, sandwiches-all-wrapped-in-cling-film.

This is going to seem, after my other dreams I posted, like I am some weird sort of exhibitionist, but I was nekkid. Starkers. That was why I could not leave until everything was complete because I was not going to be complete until it was too. Parts of me were missing - mostly on my left (I am right handed, so it was not /as/ big a deal to be missing part of my left arm, and my left ear and eye, and just kinda... stuff. I was not really focussed on it, but I /knew/ I was not done in places. And my feet were cold.

So, fellow fencers were like, when are you going to come back? And all I could really say was that it was going to be a while longer.

So they came to the hospital to fence in the open, incomplete spaces. Some of my old students were there to take classes from me and stuff too, but they were the same age that they were when I was teaching. I remember making a mental note of that in my dream - that their ages were wrong and that it probably meant something significant.

The dream ended unresolved. Before it had dissolved, we (fencers and some other friends of mine) were down in the parking garage. They got undressed too and we were making a game of trying to not be seen. Kind of a bizarre hide-n-go-peek.

Well, there you have it. Another weird dream, brought to you by... well, by me.

Take Care-


  1. You did dare, so here I am. Very curious dream. Usually my fencing dreams involve either being late to tournaments or showing up early and waiting for days for the event to start... so pretty realistic I guess. Dream nudity is obviously your subconscious being all like "heeey!" about something or another, but I don't go for all that Jungian nonsense.


  2. Heh... me neither. It just feels good.

    Oh, wait. Strike that.