Friday, December 30, 2011

Bad Dream, or Ghost of Winter Future?

First off, it is Friday and I posted the next "chapter" of the Fox Tale on DeviantArt:

If this is the firs one you are reading, by all means please stop and read the first one first, then proceed in order.

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Part Two: → Foxy Lady
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And the new one:
Part Four: → Fellowship of the Fox

So I had this weird dream a few days ago.  In the dream, I had promised this /girl/ the year before that I would marry her.  Everyone was supporting me on this, but I had never met the girl before making the promise, or since.  The dream took place on the day of the wedding - mostly at the church where my TUX was being tailored.  Her friends made up the wedding party but a couple of them were friends of mine - sort of like distant cousins or something - as well.  I tried to convince everyone that this was a mistake because, well for one thing, I am a girl, and another was that we really did not even know each other.  Everyone was telling me that everything was taken care of and that I did not need to worry about anything.  I kind of had the impression that I was making some sort of sacrifice my doing this, but it was not obvious in the dream.  Her father was really, really, really rich, but I was not doing it for the money.  And I knew the girl, despite having grown up really rich, was not being spoiled or just used to getting her way with things, but rather it had this sense of this being the first thing she really wanted and was finally getting it. (I ought to mention that despite this being a wedding, there was nothing sexual about this at all.  There was not any plan to physically consummate the wedding or anything like that.)
One of the prevailing emotions of the dream was one of being out of control.  Imaging like being in a car accident, and in the emergency room at the hospital and lots of people were fussing over you and assuring you that everything was okay - truth or not - and that you did not need to worry about anything.  Actually, come to think of it, it was a lot like that... something (not car accident) I have been through enough for it to have played though in my dream.  And I always associate Hospitals with things for all people, rich and poor, but run by really rich people - kind of like the father of the bride in the dream.

Goodness, I think I just figured out the dream - I was just reliving a trip to the ER.  I mean, there was rush and fuss to get me there.  Once there, I was being "tailor" dressed.  It was probably a lady Dr that I was not familiar with - there was that time when... and there was that... yeah, I remember now - and the hospital was her "dad."  It really does fit in my head anyway.

Okay, well, Anyhoo;
Take Care

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