Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fiction: Fox Tale number 5

Here it is, #5.  This is one of those ones I have been really hoping to get to for a while.  When I first sat down to start Fox Tale, I went from start to the end of #5 in one go  because This is where I have been heading for an introduction to Chole.  It gets better, or rather, now we are getting to the start of things.

Part One:  → Fox at First Sight
Part Two:  → Foxy Lady
Part Three:  → Still a Fox
Part Four:  → Fellowship of the Fox
Part Five:  → Fox Free Period
Part Six: Fox, but not Forgotten  → Coming Soon ←

To be honest, I figure even if I just come here on Fridays to promote my latest upload to deviantART, at least I am coming here, and not just forgetting about this blog all together.

I still feel a little like I would rather just have one place for everything, you know, like I can "blog" on DA, or I can post my fiction here, etc, but really, these things do not belong in each other's spaces.  I do not feel like I ought to "blog" on DA, and I do not think that I really ought post my short stories on google.

Oh well.

Take Care-

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