Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fiction: Fox Report

Not to imply any association with the news corp; good, bad or otherwise.  Just the title of this weeks installment. 

Seeing that it is the #7 one, I maybe should have made some James Bond reference/pun, but I did not.  I only bring that up because the title it has seems lame, but as I mentioned before, they got their title based on how I think about the contents of the section/scene.

Chole has a better conversation with her mum than she did this morning and deconstruct some of her day.  And, she has a dream...

Part One:  → Fox at First Sight
Part Two:  → Foxy Lady
Part Three:  → Still a Fox
Part Four:  → Fellowship of the Fox
Part Five:  → Fox Free Period
Part Six:  → Fox, but not Forgotten
Part Seven:  → Fox Report
Part Eight:  → Fox in socks: Coming Soon ←

(Selecting the Trebuchet font makes me think of hurling the characters at the screen.)

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