Thursday, January 28, 2010

OS Saga Continued

Yeah, I installed Helena KDE RC1 on Tuesday.

It was a little to slow at times... switching desktops, scrolling through windows, etc.  Enough so that....
Yesterday (Wednesday) I installed Helena FluxBox RC1

I think I ought to mention that I installed Helena Main edition RC1 when it came out, even though I was never a big fan of Gnome.  I installed Helena stable when it was released and it gave me no trouble, but I just _like_ KDE better - unless I am going for a really light weight DM like FluxBox/Xfce whatever.

So I am using Helena FluxBox RC1

The new OS is cool.  FluxBox makes for a fast interface, but KDE just has more toys.  I am not sure about my priorities. Maybe I'll get a long stem dimm for Valentines from a secret admirer.

That being said, I have the crucial things installed, and some frivolous stuff too and more is on the way.  I have the basic look set up, but for the feel... I still need to get around to the keyboard short-cuts.

Take Care!

ps... I have a file server running an old version of Zenwalk which is really cool and a "common" machine we use here at the house that is running 64bit Helena.  It is cool, but my laptop does not have that kinda oomph.  I cannot just upgrade/change the OS on those at whim, obviously.

pss... Helena is the "name" of Linux Mint 8.  I started using Linux Mint with Bianca and have had a crush on it ever sense.  I admire Zenwalk fro its down-to-Earthiness, but...  I likez my Mint!!!

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