Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to KDE

And the story continues...

I bought some more RAM and re-installed Helena KDE RC1.  It made a world of difference.

1) Why did I buy RAM:
"Well, other than listening to music and checking my e-mail, you okay I do my school work on it.  Not just research and reading, but I have some like, "practice test" and worksheets and stuff.

I usually have lots of windows open so I can try out some of the stuff I find online.  Mostly php and database stuff.  It is fun to work with data.  That was how I got started pulling track lists out of the Amarok database.

So, I do not need anything really powerful.  I only needed the RAM to run the KDE desktop manager.  It is "pretty" and has lots of "toys".  FluxBox is more... down to business and gives me what I need, but not so much what I _want_.  I cannot really justify wanting more than what FluxBox provides; it runs all my apps nicely.  And it is easier to configure your desktop with KDE, but once I get things set like I like them, I do not really change them, so that is not a big deal." - an e-mail I sent to someone about it.
In other words, I did it all for the pretty.

2) It has been a long time since I made any upgrades like that.

I feel a bit self indulgent buying RAM for no real practical purpose.  It was not a decision of practicality.  I normally am a fairly practical person (I think.)

But, I did it, and now I can run KDE and it is *so pretty*!!

I am working up a short review, but my head is not in it at the moment.  I followed a tweeted link from William Gibson and it unknowingly took me to Youtube.  For those that don't know, I have some sort of weird phobia of that site.  So, later this morning... etc.

Take Care

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