Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Top Fifteen Movie Songs 1/15

Top Fifteen Movie Songs 1/15 (in no particular order that I will admit to):
01) "Gimme the Prize (Kurgan's Theme)"
Performed by Queen
Written by Brian May
Film: Highlander

Okay, we all know the film.  "There can be only one."
There, officially, is not a soundtrack for the film, but the Queen CD "A Kind of Magic" has the songs, plus "One Vision" from the film Iron Eagle.
UNFORTUNATELY - "Hammer to Fall" is not on the CD because it was a previously released Queen track.
ALSO - "New York, NY" is not on the CD because that itsy-bitsy little clip is all there was.
BUT - "Gimme the Prize (Kurgan's Theme)" is (barely/currently/mostly) my favourite track from the film.  Sure, I'm a chick, and I like "A Dozen Red Roses for my Darling" and "Who Wants To Live Forever", but the former - not THAT much, and the latter - it got a little depressing.

I was about 10 when I saw the movie, and it was a little weird trying to follow the timeline because the only thing I knew about it at the time was: Christopher Lambert (whom I knew from Knight Moves, which I watched with Dad who had to cover my eyes during a couple of scenes.  It was his first time to see it too.) gets to kick butt with a sword.  After the first couple of time-shifts, I was like - "this film is bril!"  I thought the Kurgan was really cool, but I always wondered, did he call Candy, or did she just come by?  I knew he was the bad guy and had to get his head chopped off, but he's a cool bad guy.  (Not like the weenie in Knight Moves.)

Has this song had a major impact on my life?  Well, no.  It hasn't.  I'm not that big a Queen fan, really.  And Highlander was a great film and all, but it is not like I run around quoting it or anything.  But together... that is the point where it feels like the fruition of The Gathering, you know?  Everyone left is now in the same place.

So... the goal here is that I am going to take my fifteen "top" songs from films, one at a time, and talk about them a little.  I reckon this will keep me busy for about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on what else my interrupt the regularity of the updates.

You know, normally, I am like "Here's a list," while sometimes I give a little background.  Well, here is background, eh?
Take Care-

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