Friday, February 26, 2010

This morning's dream.

This was, so, like... well... unhappy-making.
I am reading Pirate Latitude.  That is not part of the dream, I really am.
So, as some know, I already have this thing about water - a phobia, if you will.

Well, so, I dreamed I was aboard the Cassandra (If you have not read the book, sorry.  This will not spoil anything about the book.) but not like part of the crew or anything.  I was just there, but no one could see/hear me.  It got worse.  The dream was not really like the book, except for the setting (pirates, Caribbean) and some names. Thanks to a storm, we were damaged and just floating,  lost all the sails.  The rations were tight and no one seemed to know I was there and I could not get any food or water.  This went on and I found that I could not open any doors or anything - like I was a ghost and my hands passed through - but I could not just _walk_ through.  I was trapped on deck, in the sun and heat with no food or water.  I could not stand any more and way laying on the deck and the ship (it had been taking on water since the storm) started to go down.  The crew abandoned and I was impotently calling for help.  I could not move any more and it was like I was stuck to the deck. they were all gone and I was completely alone as the water started to come over the sides.  I was laying there for hours with the water slowly creeping up my sides and occasional waves washing over my sunburned face, salt stinging my cracked skin.  Then I was choking for breath and the waves were too frequently washing over my nose and mouth.  That seemed to go on for hours before I woke up.

I do not know if I will be able to finish the book now.  :(

Ugh.  Oh, well.  But I will try again later.

Take Care-

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  1. You know how you sometimes drool in your sleep, but if you sleep on your back, it can pool in the back of your throat where it'll actually cause you to gargle with each breath until you reflexively swallow only for it to repeat the process until you either turn in your sleep or awaken, gagging on your own spit?

    I've had nights like that. -_-