Friday, February 26, 2010

Top Fifteen Movie Songs 6/15

Top Fifteen Movie Songs 6/15 (in no particular order that I will admit to): 
Written by David Bowie
Produced by David Bowie and Arif Mardin
Performed by David Bowie
Film: Labyrinth (1986)

There were a few from this great movie; Underground, Magic Dance, Thirteen O'clock; but this one talks to me on a different level.  Again, the scene and the song together create that powerful image.  For me, this is where she realises she is insane, so I can relate.  No, I'm kidding there.  It is like she realises that everything before then has been like a dream - a non-reality and she has to break through the illusion within and fight her back to reality... when she accepts the realisation that she is in control of her reality - that her fears, fantasies, delusions and perceptions cannot control her unless she lets them - sort of thing.

It is a good David Bowie song. It is a good song in the film and in the story.  It is just plain a good song.

It's not that I relate to "Sarah": No step mum, no baby "half" brother (no brother of any kind), and I think (unfortunately) I *do* feel like I am the centre of my daddy's world.
There is that whole thirteenth hour - things not as they are - can't take anything for granted sort of vibe.

It is just way cool!
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