Monday, March 15, 2010

The latest in the OS saga

(Pardon the bit of redundancy.)
1) I have my /home on a separate drive, so whenever I install a new os, 90% of my settings persist, depending on if my WM changes and whatnot.
2) All my music and movies and stuff are on a separate file server, so I just copy in my fstab and proxy settings after a new install and all that stuff is back and ready to go.
2) Over time, different WM's using some of the same components, and thus, configuration files, all kinda start stepping on each other so...
3) I kinda had to step through the dot configs and clean things up a bit.

I did, while at it, try again to see how things were going with Slackware.  I have SLAX on a USB drive for forensics and for when visiting other systems (i.e. the library) and it does well for me, but the "purest" in me is ever-striving for that no-nonsense, back-to-basics, squeaky-clean system.  The problem is, I am not truly that kind of users.
I romanticize about having a pure, businesslike workstation where I work on things without distraction.  Where everything is well, laid-out and easy to read, even if it is not so pretty.  But, again, I am not that kind of user.  All my stuff is personal.  I can't/don't do that kinda cool stuff I daydream about.
Yes, I installed Slackware 13.  I like it.  It is nice.  I have no complaints about it (other than that it comes with /everything/ installed).  But still, there is just something about LinuxMint that is so... friendly.  I like saying I am a Mint user.  It feels like being a part of something, in this very, non-committal way.
I would love to provide reviews of all this stuff - share my findings and opinions and experiences with each distribution, but I just do not know what to write about.

(But I kinda did like how simple it was to just pick a "SlideShow" wallpaper in the desktop settings for Slackware (KDE4) and fully intend to make this happen under LXDE)

So, I am , once again, back to Linux Mint Helena (8) LXDE Community Edition RC1 with today's fresh update.

I recently upgraded someone's computer from Win-doze Vista to Win-doze 7.  I have played around with various versions of Micro$oft OS's, but they just feel so... clumsy.  They just feel so... "Here, let me do that for you."  True, most of the popular LINUX distros now-a-days are rather automated, but it does not feel the same.  It feels like if I stay on this thought-thread, I will just get into a lot of whining and moaning about this or that, so I will move on.

FluxBox is really cool.  It has been my fave WM. LXDE may be replacing it though.  Sure, where would these be without XFCE, right? XFCE is plenty good enough on it's own, and I am still working on the thing about them that makes me like one over another.  I feel almost bad that I cannot qualify (no, quantify) what it is about them, but not too bad.  I like what I like.

I do REALLY like KDE, but it does get in the way a little sometimes.  I think I had mentioned before that installing the KDE distro, then installing FluxBox for the WM was like getting the best of both worlds.  Hmmm... maybe I should install the KDE distro and then add LXDE on top.  Perhaps I will do that with Mint #9

I think that about wraps it up then.  I've got things to do other than play with my desktop settings.  Surely I do.

Take Care,

"Machine dreams hold a special vertigo..." -- William Gibson, Count Zero

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