Monday, March 29, 2010

Top Fifteen Movie Songs 14/15

Top Fifteen Movie Songs 14/15 (in no particular order that I will admit to):
14) "Some Enchanted Evening"
Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Film: American Graffiti (1973)

["Some Enchanted Evening"?]
[Of all the great songs in the film... Really?]
{Yeah.  Hush. I'll explain.}

I remember it well; the first I saw the film.  I was about 10 or 11.  I was in the hospital and feeling really down and drugged.  Mum was like, "Hey, LQ," except she never calls me 'LQ', "Do you want to watch such and such," and, "Blah blah is coming on later."  And I was like, "Whatever, Mum, I don't really care... mumble mumble zzzzz."

Then I had like stired, like, "Han Solo never said that, mumble mumble... zzzzzz."

Then I heard Harrison Ford singing "Some Enchanted Evening" and I started laughing.  I just started laughing so hard I started crying.  I was still laughing when the nurse Mom called came in.  Nurse was like, "Okay, she's laughing?  So?"  Mom said, "I haven't heard her laugh in 4 years."  That was sobering.  (She called Dad later when she thought I was asleep... just to tell him that I laughed.) But anyway, I think Falfa was great.  I idolized Milner.  It was such a fun and heart-felt story.

I really like the song "Green Onions", "You're Sixteen", "Do You Wanna Dance"... the list goes on...
I really like the way the story was told - through the night, bouncing back and forth through the plot lines - then the little wrap up at the end.
... the thing about deciding where your heart belongs, even when it is not the easy thing to do.
... the thing about following your dreams, but knowing your limits.

"Some Enchanted Evening" was so out of place; completely random and nonsequiter.  This big ol' cowboy breaking out into opera to break the silence.

So, there you have it.  #14 of my top fifteen songs-from-films list.  This one was more late from the "getting-round-to-it" than from any indecision.  This has always been a special film for me, and mostly because if this song.

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