Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Friday Followup

Well, it was a fun weekend, but that is a lot like work.  
Linux Mint 9 LXDE was released.  Great fun.  But (next) I am looking forward to Linux Mint 9 KDE 64 bit.  That will be cool  (Yeah, I will still install the LXDE ... DE but this LXDE edition is not 64bit.)
Ebooks are cool and my netbook's battery made it through the whole weekend with plenty of juice to spare.  Not that I used it much, but I was happy.  My Dearly Departed would not have made it by far.

No internet connection, but I had downloaded them before leaving home. #PlanningAhead

Nightmares were pretty ugly, but I blame them largely on the lack of shower facilities.  Dad was there to stifle my waking screams, but I was among people who know me, mostly, in that regard.

Then I made a cake yesterday.  Want some?

Take Care

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