Friday, July 16, 2010

Going.... Camping

Yes, it is Friday again, and again I have nothing meaningful to contribute to the interwebz.


I was not feeling so hot most of this week, but I am getting into the swing of things again.  We are doing the camping thing this weekend.  It is fun to get out in the wildlife.  There are plenty of people that would think this was rather ... out of character for me be it has been something that Dad and I have done together for so long that it would feel weird to not get out there from time to time.

And this means that I get to ride in a helicopter with is heck-a-fun/scary-cool.

AND, starting Monday I will have access to the Deviant Art content that I have been block from for so long now.  =^_^=  Even my own short story, I have to click the warning button on for it to show me.

So, there it is.  Another week.

I took a closer look at PERL because, wile I knew it was out there, I did not really understand what it is all about.  I mean, I love PHP.  I have a good handle on ksh... so, PERL still has a place in the world in between the two.  WAY fast, flexible and awesome with RE.

I had started a while back to look into RUBY.  I never really got sold on it, but I think I never gave it a fair enough shake.  I may focus on RUBY next week.

Take Care,


  1. Happy Birthday Quin! I hope you had fun camping and that you weren't eaten by a bear with impeccably good taste. ;p

  2. Hey, I did not get eaten O_o And EIGHTEEN is the age limit on DA. Fiddlesticks. I still have to wait another year.

  3. It's not that unusual for people to lie about their age on the internet to get past these restrictions. Why didn't you? O-o

  4. Jes said much the same thing. You know me...