Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still Friday - haven't been to bed yet.


I turned seventeen this week.  Yeah.  Do I feel older?  Well, not older, as such, but I do feel... seventeen.  What I mean is, it is like I am being eased into adulthood - gently and slowly.  Like, more is expected of me, but I don't yet have the keys to the car of my life.
This is one of those social things, not like anything too literal in my own family or anything.  Like, we are out, and someone asks my age, and I say (or Dad says) 'seventeen' and there is this look that everyone gets.  Like they are changing the Glasses-of-Scrutiny that they use to scrutinize me with.  I am past the age of consent, (last year, actually,) but what can I do about it?  Well, not me... I know where I am on that.  I mean, if a highschooler gets pregnant, it is like.... "shuuuuuuunnnnnn." Right?
"Oh, well, as long as you use protection..."
Well, that's not the thing, right?  Okay, girl gets knocked up.  It happens.  But what do people think?  Not, "Oh, look... a baby," but way to often, "Hey, that little girl should have kept her legs together."
Meanwhile, on the other side of the standard, you get "grownups" having kids without being married first, but because they can (in theory) have jobs, support themselves, be responsible for themselves - because of that, it is okay.  Their own business.
Hey they can drink and vote.  Yippy.
What can 16/17 year olds do?  We can work, but with limits.  We can't rent a place of our own.  We can't be legally responsible for ourselves.  In short, we are legally aloud to have sex, but we are supposed to keep it a secret.

Now, I understand. The law there is to protect people, to define some boundaries, so adults can have sex with teenagers legally.  That was harsh.  I know it is more than that, but lets face it: People are not always capable of making good decisions and laws are there to help handle the repercussion of the not-so-good decisions.

Why this big rant?

I got this little short story thing going on Deviant Art.  Normally, or at least, so far, I have been avoiding sex in my fiction.  It does not interest me.  There is one exception to that, but I explain it in the "author's comments."  But now, with these, I am going to be dealing with teens, and their relationships, and I have to remind myself, that it is "normal" for teens to feel certain urges.  Just like the Thomas Dolby song.

So, there are five bits of the story out there.  Four of the five fall outside of what I just described because it starts out with the twins just starting school, but one of the five has jumped forward and hints at relationships and at exploration.
J+J Series, No. 001: First Day
J+J Series, No. 002: A Blind Date
J+J Series, No. 003: Early Years 01:Meet the Class
J+J Series, No. 004: Early Years 02: Delivered Late
J+J Series, No. 005: Early Years 03: Dinner Interrupted

Next up, we are returning to the teen years.  The trip back has just been to define the characters.  But I am having a hard time with the physical part of the relationships - I suppose because I don't really understand.  But I am working on it.  Fear not.

Happy Friday and take care!  (well have a good weekend.  Friday is over.)


  1. I hope you had a happy Birthday. :) Seeing as how I am an adult with a few miles on the odometer, if you have any questions and such regarding the physical part, or any other part of relationships, I would be happy to provide an alternative source of information should you find it awkward talking to your parental units about it.

    Although looking at life around here, a lot of adults are about as "mature" in their attitudes about sex and the inherent responsibility as teenagers are typically thought to be. As in not very. Must be a generational thing. *shrug*

  2. Also, I'm looking forward to more of your writings. :) Have a good weekend!

  3. Actually, I am quite comfortable talking about sex with Mum and Dad - especially Dad. We've never had issue there.
    The parts I am having the biggest trouble with is, what is normal, what is acceptable or expected.... today, 10 years from now. There are the do-ers, the don't-ers and the somewhere-in-between-ers, but what is typical?

  4. Ah, that right there is a very tricky one indeed, at least without going into specifics. Thing is, people will do what they want regardless of what is acceptable or expected, or even legal. They tend to follow their own morals, or as is more common their whims. A lot of people just don't tend to be as open with their sexual history or preferences because of the personal nature, usually keeping that between them and their partners. And sometimes not even that. Lack of communication is the number one reason why relationships fail from what I've seen.