Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh, is this a Friday again?

I haz a Friday.

Well, lookie her.  Apparently I found the way to boost site traffic:
Talk about all kinds of weird and popular stuff.

Like, I could probably look at what the latest top google searches are on, and just talk about all of them.  Presto - my blog would show up among all the other completely useless and irrelevant search results.

Well, only useless to those searching for one of those popular search keywords.

Oh, was that it?

No, I haz a Friday.  No, sorry; a Fridai.  No... uhg.  I never did get the hang of that.

But, instead of talking about all the hot films, songs, tv shows, I am going to talk about...

*queue the dramatic music*


Let's hear it for the penguin.

I have been using LMDE (LinuxMint Debian Edition) for a while and am _really_ happy with it.

I am not going to bad mouth Ubuntu.  I mean, it is popular for a reason.  I do not know what that reason is (kidding) but it has its merits.  I mean, (shudder) even Micro$loth Windoze has its merits, and it is, like, at the bottom of the OS gene pool, eh?

So, what I really need to do is convince the peoplz what be that making a 64bit LMDE is worth while.

Constant updates?  Sure!  I like getting the new toys.  I like keeping my personal unit right there on the immediate up-to-date.  Risk?  Well, I have to justify my back-up paranoia some how, eh?

Ah, yeah, Dad, I really do need that 5TB NAS... for backups.  I am pulling testing/unstable packages every morning!  =^_^=

So, it looks around here I lot like this:
LMDE on my netbook  (Acer-one.  64bit cpu, dual core, 1gb ram.  Yeah, even with the wireless and the flash.)
LM Isadora Main 64bit on "our" workstation.  (This is the one we run all the virtual machines on.)
Zenwalk server on the file server.  Yeah... only very stable packages there.

So, there you have it.  A Friday post on Friday.

Take Care!

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