Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nothing to see here

I was thinking, "you know?"  I often ask myself if I know without asking what I know.  But I went on. "I have had a bit on my mind.  I should probably probably blog it."

So I came here and saw that there were almost 40 page visits yesterday.  I was like "Whoa."

See, when I, like, post something that I am actually trying to get out there in the ethernets, AND I, like, tweet about it - Something like when I post more fiction on my Deviant Art (Yeah, that is it over on the right.  Hold down [CTRL] when you click on it so it will be sure to open in a new tab so you don't loose you place here.) - then I get a fair number of hits.

But it was like, a Tuesday.  I had not even made a new post.  But I had a fair number of hits on last Friday's page.  Weird.

So, why was I coming here to post?  What was I going to blog about?  It hardly seems relevant now.
[More like, you can't remember what it was.]
{Oh hush.  I remember, just not at the moment.}
[Uh, huh.  Sure.]
{Oh! Yeah.}

So, it is like, what, 4 in the morning now.  I tried sleeping.  Really, I did.
So, what do I do when I cannot sleep through the nightmares?  Most often, I try to grab hold of them, pick them apart, and that usually helps me move on or whatever.

Tonight, like many lately, they have been too.... intangible.  Just, like, random images of fire, death, decay and emotions of loss, hopelessness, fear, hate and a sense of pain and disease.

On nights like this, once I finally give up trying to sleep, I get up and do some yoga and try to meditate.  Let me rephrase that; I do meditate, but with varying degrees of success. Not that meditating is a win-loose endeavor, but I think that you get the picture.

So, I have Irish oats that I started yesterday that should be ready today (well, I hope so, because I am about to go have some when I am done with this post) and get some started for tomorrow.

It is times like this where I am permitted run of the kitchen-
[so long as you do not use any knives]
{so long as I do not use any knives}
-where I have gotten "creative" and kinda taught myself a thing or two about cooking.

In other blogs, I have talked about being in the kitchen and cooking being a group project. And that is all good and stuff.  I learned how to use the kitchen and the tools therein.  But to really experiment, you need to be alone, cooking for no one but yourself - free to make mistakes.

It is like a lot of things - free to make mistakes.  That is how we grow and learn and improve and master our world.

Somewhere else (yesterday, I think) I posted somewhere something about how the Earth is alive and she is strong and resilient, but that we need to clean her up.  Our Mum needs a makeover.  As a human race, we have been running wild.  We have been living the nightmares, battling with ourselves.  We-
[Oh, no.  You are not about to get all soap-boxy, are you?]
{Yes. Yes I am.}
We, need to give up the fighting; do a bit of yoga and meditation; get in the kitchen and put what we have to work for us.
We have learned so much over the millennia (milleniums? Whatever) and it is high time we put it to work for us.
No one is going to take care of the planet for us.  No one is going to come and clean our house.  No one is going to pick up after us.

Oh, yeah... that was bad.  Sorry.  I try not to get that way.  Hopefully I got it out of my system and will not need to go off like that again.  Ever.
Oh, well.

There were some other things I was thinking about discussing here, but they will wait for another post.

Um, then, well.... Have a good Wednesday.
[Say hump-day.]
{What? No.}
[Go on.  The rest of the week is down hill.  Say it.]
{No, I'm not going to do that.  People will think I mean... No.  Just (ew) no.}
{Whatever. I am going to ignore you.}

Take Care.

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