Friday, October 22, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

For me, that is a Blade Runner reference - in case anyone was wondering.

So, yes... I am home again from "the big city."  I did not get to see much of it, but that is fine.

Most of all, I am happy to have my interwebz again so I can see all of you all again.  It was rough this past week without this outlet.  It was like a part of me could not exist.

No, I am not going to get into all the details of my (seeming) incarceration. It is not that interesting or I would rather put it all behind me or something like that.

I come on to read that Linux Mint 10 RC is out.  Cool.

I feel an OS upgrade in my near future.  Because, you know, I am me, after all.

So, I would write some of my many nightmares, but they have all kind of blurred themselves together into one dark, bloody, fiery, horror and I cannot really separate them out.

Anywho, it is good to be back online.

Take Care-


  1. And of course you don't share any details of your trip for those of use who are curious. :p Still, I'm glad to see you're back. :) Nightmares and imprisonment aside, I hope you've been well.

  2. Oh, and that particular song I shall always associate with Miracle on 34th Street. ;p

  3. Oh, the details just really are not all the interesting.

    But I really wish I could have been writing this past week. I am sure the chemical creativity would have lead to some really interesting stuff, eh?

  4. Didn't have a pen or notepad on hand? I have some I would be able to send you if that is the case. ;p If you ever feel the need, I encourage you to write, especially since you do it well. :)

  5. They do not let me have sharp, pointy things like paper while doinking with my meds. I have the scars to prove that is a bad idea. :/ I guess I did not really explain that there. But thanks for the sentiment! :)

  6. Ah, yea, that makes sense. Still, I guess that would make a PDA a worthwhile investment then, eh? An Ipod touch works well enough for me. ;)