Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To The City

Getting ready for my last trip to "the big city" before winter hits in earnest.  Just the usual stuff

Yeah, I go every few months, but that is not the same as when I was moving between Dad's and Mom's every summer.

I never really collected "stuff" in general, but especially not the past seven or eight years.  However, I still have ended up accumulating more in the past couple years than I had the other 6 put together.

I blame having a best friend (other than Dad.)  Not blame in a bad way, but just kinda... explain it that way.  Looking around (other than the fencing, cycling and computer paraphernalia) most of what is around are things Clare related.  I find this odd.  It is not so much that is it bothering me.  I am not having to struggle with weird emotions or anything - like I have to burn it all, or break/cut everything into little pieces.  I (hope I) am past that. But it would be more stuff to pack if I moved.  Well, not so much if I just moved back to Mom's... I'd leave it here for the spell.

On the other hand, I have a good number of books out on loan to Claire.  Which is fine.  I'll probably take them to a book shop upon their return.

Mom has promised no surprise events this trip.  It is (mostly) utilitarian.  But it is not like have that much faith in her promises when it comes to the kind of surprises she has dealt in the past.  Most things, sure, but...

On the other hand, she is understanding more that things that she thinks are "no big deal" can really freak me out, so maybe she really will keep her promise.

Again, it is not like she makes a promise knowing she will not keep it, it is just that she has not considered these parties, weddings, whatnot to be inclusive in the "No surprises" category.

But enough about all this.  I still need to get ready.  I have a lot of house cleaning and stuff to do before I travel.

Sigh.  And I have to plan what music to take with me.  Here is what I've got so far:

Kon Kan                 Peter Schilling
3 Doors Down            Pet Shop Boys
Alice In Chains         Lily Allen
Stone Temple Pilots     Camouflage               
Maroon 5                Matchbox Twenty              
The Killers             The Stone Roses                    
Third Eye Blind         Yaz  
Indecent Obsession      Orgy                         

And I will be adding Tones on Tail and OMD at the least.

Take Care-

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