Friday, July 18, 2008

Ack! missing posts!

I thought it could be easier simply e-mail in my posts... the short
and simple ones.
I think I bodged up the address or something.

On the other hand, whild I didn't get out of going to the dr, :( Mom
was cool about it. Even after the fit I threw, she took me out for
sushi after.
What did I really want? Startbucks; ice cream... but no. I knew I
couldn't handle those.
As far as compromises go, sushi is a pretty sweet deal.

Top 15 comfort foods:
Starbucks orange creame frap - when I can get it
Chocolate Shake - good simple standby
salmon sushi - top pick
tuna suhsi - mixing it up
garlic toast - been hitting this one kinda hard lately
cucumber sandwich - when in season
strawberry and cream cheese sandwich - high in fat, but low in sugar
mashed potatoes - plain or loaded
vegemite & cheese in celery - pain to make, but there is nothing else like it
haggis and taddies - hard to get... and I usually pay for it later
plain cheese pizza
cheese ravioli - yeah, cheese is big on my list
grilled cheese & tomato soup - but someone else _has_ to make it
peanutbutter and honey - when the time is right... (28 days)
Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal - takes the cake. I save this for when I
_really_ need it.


"Oh, my dearest
I'm not pretty
Isn't it a pity
That you won't kiss these rotten lips?"
- the fratellis

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