Sunday, July 20, 2008

happy freaking birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. Now I match my name.
I could be down about it. I could be happy about it.
Mom asked what what kind of cake I wanted. She bought a mix that "she did not realize" that she did not have time to make. Sure, she knows I like baking, esp cakes, but seemed to miss that fact that she was asking me to make my own birthday cake!

We went to Starbucks. I could not have anything with caffeine or chocolate. Gee... thanks.
"Hi. Welcome to Starbucks. What can I get started for you?"
"Uh, yeah. I'll have a water, please. It's my birthday."

Yeah, I am a brat. I am not even that big on birthdays.

I get out my computer to start blogging -- like they want me to -- and she said, "oh, don't get that out. I got us a movie."
National Treasure 2. Watch me to back flips. :roll:
"Well, you don't want to blog while you are upset, do you?"
(thinking: "yes") I said no and watched the stupid movie.
She waits until it is over and said, "not every movie you watch has to be some film noir"
I didn't want to argue. We _do_ have fun at times. Most of the time, really. But who blogs, "everything's fine; situation normal"

Today was just hard to get out of bed. Mom brought me tomato soup (bless her) and I just re-wired my ex-pet epee. (the traitor failed me so I am miffed at him too!)

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