Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Trust Game

My friend Claire introduced me to... the trust game... as she calls it.
She said she had this idea while we were in her room reading. The idea is this:
We are sitting on the floor, facing each other. She told me to close my eyes. Then, she puts her hands on the sides of my face.
Major personal space alarms going off.
Then she brushes her thumbs over my eye lids. Then she presses her thumbs a little more firmly onto my eyes.

Then she sat back and said that it was my turn and closed her eyes.

This was really weird. I asked what I was supposed to do. She said "whatever." So, I started to do the same thing with the eyes that she did to me. I, apparently, do not trust myself as much as I trust Claire.

It is ten 'til 5 in the morning. We were up 'til 2. I spent the night with Claire. I have been up for over an hour, mostly just watching her sleep, wondering which of us misunderstands me the most.

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