Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11-1-11 and a Tuesdays

I have always kinda likes Tuesdays. And some Thursdays.
But nevermind that now.

So, today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

My chosen charity fighting this is LOVE146. I have a donation page to support them HERE but the most important thing right now is getting the message out there.

There is a lot of hubbub about it right now, especially with the Super Football thing.

I knew it existed. I have heard people going off about it and there was an episode of Castle, or NCIS, or something - I don't know, did not really see it and most of those kinda blur together.

Then I read Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy, I was like, "Whoa" because as sick and disgusting as the issue is, I did not know it was that big globally. I mean, Yeah for the fight, but whoa.

Anywho, I did not intend for this to be a big post or anything, but there are lots of links floating around the web about things you can do, but here are the three I will point you to:

My support page for LOVE146
Stop Child Trafficking Now Org

Oh, and one more thing, with all the groups out there, why did I pick LOVE146? Do you really need to ask someone known as Lady Quindecim? But seriously, reading their story was... Well, it struck a chord with me.

Take Care. Spread the word.

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