Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Eighth in the J&J series is posted

Hahaha... it is one of my favorite ones because the story gets moving. I mean, I have seven segments that are trying to introduce the major players, their relationships, and the bit about the twins that sets them apart. So, as this one gets moving along, so does the story.

The plot thickens. 009 will be more exciting. At least, I am excited for it.

Anywho, this latest installment is fairly sizable, so I will, with little further a due, put the link on here so ye all can just jump right to it.

But before you click, if you have not already, PLEASE start at 001. I mean, 001 - 007 (fun and exciting as they may be) are just to get us to the point where I can really take you into their world and make things happen.

The newest:
[J+J Series, No. 008: The Mall? Really?]

The rest:
[J&J Series, No. 001: First Day, Five Years]
[J+J Series, No. 002: A Blind Date]
[J+J Series, No. 003: Early Years 01:Meet the Class]
[J+J Series, No. 004: Early Years 02:Delivered Late]
[J+J Series, No. 005: Early Years 03:Dinner Interrupted]
[J+J Series, No. 006: Discoveries]
[J+J Series, No. 007: From the Journal]
[J+J Series, No. 008: The Mall? Really?]

Okay, there is the SciFi one that has kinda been on hiatus for too long, but it needs to hold on a little longer while the J&J series gets a little more attention because I am not really at a stopping point. Write while the whiting flows, eh?

Anywho, someone asked me where this is going, you know? Like, in the end of it all. There is a possibility that I may try and take all these pieces and edit them down, mash them together into one, like, book. I suppose that really is where my mind wants to take this.

So, Take Care-

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