Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The next installment is posted

J+J Series, No. 007: From the Journal
(as always, if you have not already, start at 001)

Janet and Jules are 14 in the context of this chapter (for lack of a better word). We are taking a trip into a few of Jules' journal entries. My hope here is to show their relationship a little more, add some depth to some comments that had come out rather stripped down, and there is a hint of a foreshadow here.

I plan on revisiting the journal from time to time as a tool to give explanations without weighing down scenes and keeping things moving.

Tomorrow's update will be set in their 16th year again, late in the summer. Hear is a sample of what one:
J+J Series, No. 008: The Mall? Really?
Isa looks at Jules. "Rose and juniper. Hi, Jules. Ah, mocha and mint. Hi, sweetie."
Janet relieves Pam of leading-the-blind duty - "Thank you Pam," "No problem, Isa," - and leads Isa off away from the courtyard.
Pam asks no one in particular, "Do her parents know?"
Jules kisses Mark greeting on the cheek. "Nope. But then, I don't think my sister knows either."
Mark releases Jules from the hug he gave her. "She asked about a hundred times, on the way over here if she looked okay."
John laughed. "I said it's back-to-school shopping, not prom."
Pam finished the recant, "She said, 'I don't see a difference.'"
Sam, quietly, "They gonna be okay?"
Jules, "Fear not. Janet is in good hands."
There was general laughter as the cluster headed off to the trendy clothing stores.

If you like it, let me know. If not, you can let me know too.

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