Monday, January 17, 2011

New Fiction Submitted

Okay, so, here it is on DeviantArt: Living in a Fishbowl

This is a standalone short story about Tamara, a punk, growing up in a small, backwoods town in Tennessee, although that is not specifically mentioned.
The characters herein are fictitious creations of my own.
This is getting a content warning for adult situations (sexual themes) but not for language or violence, etc. for whatever that may be worth.

A little long for a short story at about 11,000+ words, I am submitting this now as a trial run before letting it grow to a full fledged novella.

There is also a likelihood, like it or not, that I may round out some of the sections cut during re-writes and keeping the size down - both canonical, and non <-- I let them run a frolic a bit and it got a little out of hand, but kinda exciting too.

This was supposed to be just light and quick, but it kept taking deeper and darker directions that I had to keep pulling it back from.

I have been living with this story for the better part of a week, and was really unsure if I wanted to turn this "trim" version loose, so I left it over the weekend to think about its future.

IF I get positive feed back, questions about the story, etc, THEN I may let it out in full, so please leave feedback.

Thanks, enjoy.

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