Friday, January 7, 2011

Look! A Friday Update!

Yeah, it is Friday and I am, again, updating my blog.

It has been getting a number of updates this week because of having uploaded those latest "chapters" in my J&J short story thingie.

But that is okay.

It is snowing like it makes good sense. Not, like, record-breaking, or really news worthy, but enough for me to be mentioning here. Maybe I'll check Newsminer to see if they have anything to say about it.

Flurries. Pfft... Oh well. There seems to be something of a meteorological querk between them and me anyway.

Oh, and just in case they /do/ make it big, you heard it here first.

Let us see what else is going on around here...

Wow, the news is depressing. No wonder I don't look. Yeah, there are some good cultural pieces, but they get kinda overshadowed by the other stuff.

Ooo... this looks good: CELTIC JAM, 19:30 at College Coffeehouse, over on College Rd
But then, Sand Castle is playing too, but at 20:30 at McCafferty’s. Cool stuff, that.
Maybe I'll miss the InVein debut at 21:00 at CCH.

Or, Maybe I won't get out of the house at all. Hmm...

Okay, so, that's what's going on here. Nothing to see. Move along.

Take Care-

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