Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is it still Friday? No? Oh well

I have made a few posts here lately and had not realized that I had not made a Friday Blog Post this week. Hardly not the first week, but that is not at all the point of this.

So, I missed Friday by a couple of hours. Oh, GLOBALLY, I missed Friday by a great many hours, but that is neither here nor there. Or, I mean, that is there not here? Nevermind in any case.

But, I missed it and am not going to have one this week.

Maybe you will be able to read about my dream next week, hehehehe.

Okay, so, on with the point, already.

Where do these things some from? I have no idea, but another one just came out. I am may think it stupid after a few days, so read it before I delete it.
Again, on DeviantArt, of course, A Trusted Friend

The "Author's comment" is on that page, so do you really need me to repeat it here? Oh, for you, this would be first, and there would be the repeat. Well, nevermind that.

Take Care

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