Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Dream, while I'm at it.

Okay, this one is really short, eh?

Again, fencing related.

I have a vague impression of the ride _to_ fencing, but more as a sense that what was going on _while_ I was fencing had been going on for a long time and was adding to the frustration.
So, there I am, on strip, _trying_ to fence, one opponent after the next. And we are fencing, but there are people that keep talking to me. I don't have my mask on. It is like, I am about to lunge, and someone - anyone - next to me, beside the strip, asks me a question. Like, what I want for dinner; did I hear about this or that from the news; have I done such and such... I really do not even remember all the questions and comments. I just wanted to scream "shut up!"
It was not just any one person talking to me. They were not strangers in my dream, but looking back, I do not recognize any of them. I was _really_ frustrated and getting a headache. The not having my mask on is bothering me a lot. I mean, that is the best part of fencing; getting to wear my mask. I keep it clean and smelling nice... like LQ sweat. Kidding. It smells minty. My glove on the other hand...

So, was it impacting my performance? You bet. Was I getting lots of touches against? You bet. Was I getting some touches for? Yes.

It was kinda weird and did not last real long. The my dream phone started ringing and I was in that B-29. I actually got to find the phone. That is kinda different. I rarely get to answer it. I pick it up and am about to say "hello" and the bomb doors open and down I go. Yeah, it got worse from there, but this part is typical and not interesting... as such.

So, Take Care-

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