Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Update Today

There was a time I was doing one of those 365 things. I am not now, so I do not, like, need to make an update every day.

So, I am wrapped up in a blanket eating (?) tomato soup listening to (currently Pet Shop Boys - no, it is changing... Gary Numan). It is -26C outside and a nice, new, fluffy layer of snow.

Here is the thing: I do not know which is worse; your friends parents catching you talking to your food, or getting the answer to "Does it talk back?" wrong.

Also, my, um, agent was asking me if I wanted some more work... for someone else. More script _writing_. That is good. New and different stuff. I asked PHP or PERL and he said it would be up to me... whatever works. It'll probably be PHP. Ah, my good friend. Comfortable like an old blanket. Like this blanket, actually.


Last night's dream was really messed up and I am not going to post it.

There is that meteor shower tonight. Leonid.

Prince William got engaged, eh? Good for them. I think she'll do fine.

What else?

Oh, and yeah, check out Funny comics. You may have seen that I am reading the archives.

So, take care, eh-



  1. Ah, nothing like a warm blanket. Truthfully, I think weather you eat soup or drink it is up to your personal interpretation. I rather like chicken noodle from a warm mug, makes it easier to sip.

    Now if you had a bowl of rice crispies, I doubt your friend's parents would have had much to say in return. <_< But I didn't realize there was a wrong answer to that question. O-o

    Kate Middleton is a hottie, so yea, I think they'll be alright. ;)

  2. I remember once having what was more like chicken noodle casserole. It was so think, it could be served on a plate.

    I have since then added rice to thicken my soup, but not to the point that it is no longer soup.

    But that is neither here nor there.

    Apparently the wrong answer is, "Only when we are alone?" like that with uncertainty. There was an awkward silence during which I am sure Mr. Friend's Parent was contemplating any and all vulnerably located pointy objects.

    Yeah, she is a hottie in the girl-next-door way, I suppose. Cute couple.