Monday, November 1, 2010

Same as it Ever Was

Well, what do you know. Looks like I /am/ going to blog about my weekend.

The cool thing about going as a sheet-ghost is that it is easy to hide. I am really short and built such that I blend in well with the younger kiddos. So, that was kinda nice - avoiding most of the flirting.

I have mirrored sunglasses built into the costume so, 1) it is not /completely/ lame, 2) they help hold the sheet in place, 3) they are kinda creepy in a rather subtle way.

So, I spent most of Sat night parked in the corner with a cup of water under my sheet that I was drinking through a straw. I was people watching. There were more witches and zombies this year than I was expecting. And most of the vampires were like the "Count Dracula" or "Vamparella" type, not the "sparkle-y" type.

There was one really nice looking fairy in a /really/ short skirt and a rather handsome Indiana Jones. While the both did talk to me (kinda flirty, but not much, and not pushy) Indy was actually one of Dad's co-workers and the fairy thought I was one of her 10yr old brother's friends. So I got to just watch from a safe distance.

Sunday was the community center thing. Same costume, but many people there know me already (small community) so the flirt risk is /vary/ low. I actually circulated a bit. I had a speak and spell that I would "talk" with, but it was kind of awkward to use under my sheet. Dad was hoping to have some sort of EVP effect. Maybe we will work on that for next year.

So, there you have it. I am probably going to go to bed now that it is like 4 in the morning.

Dad and I were watching THIS - yeah, with Fred Astaire.

Take Care--

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