Saturday, November 6, 2010

I likez me some cheezies

Hot apple cider, crackers and cheese while watching The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Film ended and I left Dad and his lady friend to have the livingroom to themselves. (It is better than me thinking about them going off to his bedroom together. But then, I do sit on that sofa from time to time.) Pay me no attention there. I don't /know/ if they have even taken their relationship to that level. Best if I try to not think about it much.

It has been a busier day that I anticipated and I think I am going to turn in early. Already have the music going and just finished polishing the pearlies.

But... I have some old Win apps from Dad that I want to check out. Do I run me some virtual Windoze, or set up WINE? What's your opinion?

Take Care-


  1. Ah, the proclivities of adult relationships. I think it would be best to take it back to her place, considering you're right there. I've always preferred a nicely stuffed armchair. No, not for that, for sitting. What kind of crackers? You strike me as a saltines kinda girl.

    I run Vista. Mainly because I'm too lazy to change my default OS. :p

  2. I do likes me some soda crackers, but this was an assortment of ritzez.

    For sittenz, I likes ---- Oh enough of that.

    If I am having my druthers, it is a pillow/cushion on the floor.

    I suppose in the scheme de grand, I'd rather them be intimate here. I can deal... or get headphones.