Saturday, November 13, 2010

Working for People is Frustrating


Some people.

So... the data format saga continues.

Mr Honcho, waiting for his compiled data, was like, "We are sending you the same format that we were sending the other guy and he didn't have a problem with it."

I was like, "I can't speak on the other data sets as I did not process them. This data set has is not properly formatted and if I processes the data now, it will produce bad results."

So Mr Honcho decides that I need to look at what the last guy did and fix my process and it is already late so I had better get it done fast.

He has some sample data sets and the results sent to me and I look at them. Yes, the data is bad going in and my results are identical to what the last guy produced.

"Mr Honcho. The sample dataset I was provided is similarly bad and my results are identical to the ones that were provided to you. If your IT folks require anything from me, please let me know."

And Mr Honcho replies, "If you are getting the same results that they did, then obviously everything is fine with the data and you need to get me my results back. Please Hurry."

(These all are not really quoted. I am paraphrasing.)

My reply: "Excuse me?"

The next sound you hear will be my head making contact with my desk.

Take Care-

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