Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I even have Doctors in my dreams!

I woke up a few minutes ago from a _weird_ dream segment that I want to get down before- well here it is, and yes, I am sure it is all bout the frustrations I was having with work.

I was at the Dr's and it was like an operating room / gym locker room. At times, I was on the table, but at other times I was walking around. Well not much walking around, kinda on my feet, over in the corner.

The Dr was always really nice-talking and gentle. Not like, used-car-salesman/serpent-with-fruit-nice-talk but a genuine, comforting tone and disposition. He explained the whole procedure, then each step as he was going through it. It was only the two of us there. I was not scared and I knew that everything was... well... proper.

So, there were these things, as he explained, that he was going to attach to each of my organs so that then, when it was their turn, they would come out really easily.

The first one to go was my right kidney and I was amazed at the relief once it was out. I just hurt so much less - it felt good to have it out, but that was a small comfort, all things considered. I was already nekked, so I did.

Then I would "take a break" and get up and walk around as described earlier.

Then my left kidney and while I was standing after that one, I really needed to pee. He said to just let it go there in the corner where I was and that it would probably be the last time I would need to worry about that.

Then liver, spleen and pancreas, right lung - all in the same fashion.

He said he was saving my ovaries for last because he did not want me to feel like I was missing them. I thought it was nice at the time.

Then he was like, "Anything you want to say, now is your chance. I'm about to remove your other lung."

I just shook my head.

Then he said, "I'm just going to go ahead and take your heart now so your part will be over."

He did and showed it to me with a smile. I smiled back and fell asleep - which was when I woke up feeling no more love for Doctors than before I went to sleep.

So, now I am wrapped up really tight in my blanket and I keep looking of my shoulder.

And before you ask:
- Yes, I have read "Never Let Me Go"
- Yes, I know they are making it to film.

I had not actually thought about that until I was typing this blog though.

Well, hopefully my day will be better. (Although the sensation of being free from pain was nice.)

I think I need some hot apple cider - it is nine below (twenty-three below for my oh-so-many metric readers)

Take Care-

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