Friday, October 9, 2009

Can't get the dreams out of my head

This is kinda nuts, right?
Wait, I haven't explained, yet.

Like two nights ago I was dreaming that I was joining this cult. Some
weird supposed-pseudo-militant-quasi-religious cult. There was this
back wall to the compound and while climbing over, I had this memory
of climbing over it before and coming out worse-for-wear. It was, I
don't know, weird being _in_ the dream, trying to recall this old
memory. I felt like, "This time I can do it!" but I have no idea what
the difference was supposed to be. I mean, yeah, I was climbing down
in this other spot that I was sure was going to not leave me torn up
from jagged rocks and whatnot. It seemed to take months to get over
the wall. The dream kept segueing into these "memories" like
sub-dreams in the dream trying to explain and justify to myself why I
needed to infiltrate this cult. And segments where someone was
cautioning me: "you may not be strong enough to resist their
influence," and then me thinking to myself, "So?"

When I do finally get over the wall, I take maybe a dozen steps and
black out - only to come-to all beat up, tied up, and whatnot, in this
chair in this little concrete bunker. I look around and it is like,
although I cannot see anything to justify it, I just "know" in the way
that happens in dreams, that I am directly under where I can come over
the wall, this time, and the previous attempt years ago. So, like, I
was like, "Of course they found me and things." Then I just felt this
heavy, defeated resolve.

That was when I woke up.

Key elements in the dream:
Sneaking / Spying
Woods / leaves. Mostly leaves.
Being caught... again.
Being drugged, beat up, and... um... assaulted.

No, I am not looking for anyone to explain exactly what it meant, but
if you are reading this, fee free to share your thoughts on it.

Take Care-
LQ =^_^=

Oh, and let me explain that last post a little.
I wrote a PHP script to pull the last fifteen songs out of Amarok's
database. I post them sometimes on a form board "What are you
listening to now."

I am thinking about modifying the script to pull the list, and format
it for the blog page (html tags instead of bb tags) and e-mail it in.
I can do that. I will need to install sendmail, but yeah. Maybe I

By the way, I like PHP, even though I am not very good at it.
*note: PHP is an open source scripting language and Amarok is a
really, really cool open source music player.

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