Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shelfari = Cool

Hey, I just found this Shelfari widgit.  It is cool.  I mean, I like reading, and I like letting people know what I think if what I have read. 
I have my faveourite authors, right? And so a lot if these her on my shelf today are books I "plan to read" because of who wrote them.

Yeah, I like scifi and fantacy.  I like some "chick flick" books and there are a lot more I need to put on my shelf.
Goodness, yeah... a lot more, now that I think about it.  These on here were just some of my fave authors. 

So, I will be updating what info I have on my books there, and adding in more that I have read.  I figure this will take a while.

I have some "book reports" saved on google-docs.  I should post them too.

Take Care!

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