Friday, October 30, 2009

Dream rePost: 06-OCT-2008

Okay, this was was older than the one I just posted my a month.  I had this dram the morning of 06-OCT-2008.
Last nights dream was so flippin weird. I'm in the shower, right, and I hear the phone ringing. So I open the curtain and I am in this attic like room. I start to get distracted with figuring out when this room was added, and the phone rings again. I don't know where in the house I am, and I need to get to the phone. There is this badger walking in the direction the of the ringing, so I follow. We are in a corridor and there are like spiders running back and forth, up and down the way. There are open rooms on either side. There are windows, but they, like everything else, are grimy and dark, blocking the light. It's hot. The phone rings again and I'm following the badger again, careful not to step on the spiders. We pass a room with a moose. It winks at me. I wave. This seems a little... odd.
The phone rings again. I am like sure I need to get it. Like I can tell from the ring that it is an emergency. The badger starts going down these stairs, so I follow, thinking "of course... we don't have an upstairs, so why would there be a phone up here?"
So we get to this landing that is like 3 steps from the floor, but there is this like sliding glass door. It's closed and I can't get it open. I can hear the phone and it is getting hotter. I'm like all in a panic and stuff and I realize the upstairs was on fire. I start banging on the glass door, trying to break it. The fire sweeps down the stairs I am trapped and well...

So I wake up wondering what happened to the moose.
Take care, and, as always, thanks!

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