Friday, October 30, 2009

Dream rePost: 07-JAN-2008

From 11-JAN-2009:
I had a weird dream last night.

I dreamed I rode my bike to WHEN my mom was my age. There was something I wanted from a friend of hers. The thing is, the town she was in in my dream was all wrong. Cleburne, TX. I googled it. I had no idea there was such a creature. Anywho, I cot stuck there because of an "ice storm"(?) which was really weird. It was like a layer of ice so thin over everything that you wouldn't think there was anything there unless you paid attention. (Slicker than anything. I fell on my tuchas twice.)
So, while stuck there, I was staying with "my friend" (aka, Mom) and at this one part, she and her friends were talking about an up-coming basket ball game. I was a little lost and she was like, Don't you go to Cleburne [implied "High School"]?
A friend of hers was on to me, I think, and was like helping to cover for me and named a nearby school (I didn't catch the name) saying I went there.
Later in the dream, we were looking through the family shrine with Great-grandpa's WWII stuff. During this part of the dream, it felt more like Alaska. (He was stationed here) But then Mom was like confused about why I should be so interested in her family. It kinda started to spiral from there.
There was a war memorial parade in town, but is looked like the square in Fairbanks.
Just weird. There were thinks I expected to find comforting, but they were making me feel guilty.

(Two nights ago's dream was real bad though. If I never have that dream again, it will be just fine.)

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