Friday, October 30, 2009

Dream rePost: 07-DEC-2008

Sorry everyone... another weird dream.

I was in a movie. (this is the dream) Not like I was an actor making a movie, the movie had come to life. It was weird, but yeah. So John Lithgow was this scientist (I think it was type casting) and he had this big biotech breakthrough but the government was not listening to him and he couldn't get funding/approvals/clearance and stuff. So, there were actors playing all the would-be real life roles and whatnot, but I cannot remember most of them... like I have seen them on like tv and whatnot, but I cannot think of what shows or who they are and stuff. Except Fred Dalton Thompson was secretary of state and a young Woody Allen was John Lithgow's chief advisor.
Here was the weird part again. I was their driver! I am terrified of driving. But so I was with them everywhere and listened to everything everyone was saying and I kinda got to believe in the guy adn what he was saying.

Then it got grey and fuzzy and went back to the same old nuclear holocaust and everyone burning and me waking up screaming and I couldn't remember much of the first part of the dream.

I mean, except for me driving, I think it is not much of a stretch for why I would have dreams about biotech field breakthroughs, but driving? Why does it have to be driving.


Take care, all.

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