Friday, October 30, 2009

Dream rePost: 06-NOV-2008

This was a dream that I originally posted on 06NOV2008.  I am not really sure _why_ I have decided to re-post these dreams here, but I have, and I plan on putting new ones here too, as appropriate.
I had this really weird dream. There were a ton of bizarre elements. First, I was driving. This was odd because it is something that I have never done before. The car was this big old Cutlass and I was really intimidated by driving - like it always looks so simple to see everyone else do it, but like I wasn't straightening the wheel soon enough or smoothly enough so it was all like jerky. Then, I was dropping from the "bypass" level to the "access" level which is ground level, and you have to go to "hover" to change levels. Well, I got nervous and gave it too much break too soon and the big heavy car drops like 20 ft to the ground. The car still worked after that, but th ehover was broken. The hover drive was working, but the actuator was broken. The actuator broke at the PCB so I could not just fix it because it's like a 3 layer sandwich. The arm is needed control the driver board that energizes the nano-lattice actuator rods that engage the hover drive. The nano-lattice is like a scissor-arm action bundle of molecules that, by way of a polarization, make a metal rod (in this case, two) extend by like 400%.
So I go to the plaza to buy a new PCB to repair the driver module. Then I go to the library because I have time to kill. Car forgotten in that way that things go in dreams, I see Colin Powell go by in a powered wheelchair with his nurse by his side (he was way older than he is now). He was making an appearance there in the plaza so I went out to hear him talk and stuff.
It was really weird. I had like long hair and stuff too (shoulder length). The colors were weird. Odd shades of blue, green and pink here are there - somewhere between sherbert and pastel. I jotted down the key points, but the in between strange attractors are fading.

But it was not a bad dream. There were frustrations and stress, but no where near being eaten by wolves or burning in an attic, or... etc, etc...

Hope you are good.
Take care.

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