Monday, October 12, 2009

If prophetic

If my dreams are prophetic, which I hope to mercy they are not, I must
be due for another change up in my meds.
I really do not like that. It messes with my head.

But, oh, well, eh?

So, yeah, in the dream, they had decided to try me out on a new
product. Or was that 'try out a new product on me' - whatever, the
product was not so much experimental on its own, just the
giving-it-to-me part. So, then my friend who drove me to the
pharmacy, while I am waiting on the pharmacist, says in this distant
and lonely voice, "Okay, I am going to get... [whatever - it was at a
store down the road. We were supposed to go there together because I
needed things there too]" and she aged like 50 years right there. I
mean, like she was still pretty and still looked like herself and it
wasn't scary; just lonely and sad.

I woke up. I was on Dad's bathroom counter. I wend back to bed and
tried to sleep for a while.

Take Care-

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